Confident Equestrian

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“After an accident with my horse 3 years ago I became so fearful of riding that I struggled to overcome my fear to even get on my horse, let alone ride.  I tried to work through it on my own, but I was unsuccessful.   It really was a source of sadness, because horses are my greatest passion.  I heard about Nathan’s program and decided to try it.  I was hopeful that it would work and it did!   It is such a blessing to ride again without fear.  The techniques that he taught me helped not only in overcoming my fear of riding but also helped with my anxiety which I have struggled with for most of my life.  God works through the people that He sends into our lives.  Nathan is one of those people.  I highly recommend the Confident Equestrian Program! Thank you!” 

– Laura Ball

Even More Success Stories from Nathan Gist's Hypnosis Practice

This program is an investment in you!

My job is to help you to do the heavy lifting; to move those blocks that have kept you from your freedom in riding.

Together We’ll Re-enliven

Your connection to your horse
Your self-confidence
Your identity as a rider
The reasons you love riding in the first place
Your freedom

Together, I’ll teach you how to

Re-word the narrative in your own mind to one of empowerment
Dig down into past successes and construct a strong foundation to build on
Re-direct fear and stress into beneficial qualities

You'll also, relinguish

Fear and doubt
Anxiety and stress
Shame and regret

“You are more than the stories you tell yourself or the hurtful words spoken.” 


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