Confident Equestrian

It’s not magic or fairy dust! 

It’s about taking back control over those areas in life that don’t need to be out of control.  Discovering within you what you are truly capable of and utilizing the powerful resources you have in your own mind.  This is not a loss of control it’s about taking back control of YOU!

This program is an investment in you!

My job is to help you to do the heavy lifting; to move those blocks that have kept you from your freedom in riding.

Together We’ll Re-enliven

Your connection to your horse
Your self-confidence
Your identity as a rider
The reasons you love riding in the first place
Your freedom

Together, I’ll teach you how to

Re-word the narrative in your own mind to one of empowerment
Dig down into past successes and construct a strong foundation to build on
Re-direct fear and stress into beneficial qualities

You'll also, relinguish

Fear and doubt
Anxiety and stress
Shame and regret

“You are more than the stories you tell yourself or the hurtful words spoken.” 


Set up your free consultation and
take the first steps to being a Confident Rider once again!