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I Help Equestrians conquer crippling Fear, and mentally overcome riding issues in less than 30 days.

It's time to enjoy riding once again!


Hi, I’m Nathan Gist, creator of the Confident Equestrian Program. This program is specifically designed to get you back on the horse and enjoying riding once again! I help riders break free from fear, self-doubt, and mentally overcome riding issues in just a couple of weeks.

"Working with Nathan was awesome. I was very depressed when I started the Confidence Coaching with Nathan. I needed help with losing weight, getting healthier, feeling better about myself and letting go of the fear of riding my horses. I highly recommend working with Nathan to build your confidence and feel better about yourself."
- Cheryl Williams

Broken bones may heal, but emotional scarring takes intent and work.

My clients are experienced riders that have either lost their confidence, or haven’t emotionally or mentally recovered from a bad fall.

This program is curated to meet your specific needs. No two programs are like, because no two clients are exactly the same.

You may have:

  • Ridden fearlessly when you were younger, and now find yourself doubting your abilities
  • Had a fall, and now fear getting back in the saddle.
  • Completely blown it at a competition, and lost your self-confidence.
  • Or perhaps you just need an emotional reset to find your joy in riding once more

Again, what makes this program so different from others is it’s singularly focused on your particular needs.

Notice, I’m not trying to sell you a “do it yourself kit” or another online program that you’d probably never use.

Let’s say it this way; If this was something you knew how to fix on your own than you would have already done so.

The reason my program is so different is that I personally coach you through the program.  Each exercise and technique is designed to build back your confidence and to tap into your own personal grit!

First off, you are more resilient than you think, and I will personally help draw out how powerful you are!

“After an accident with my horse 3 years ago I became so fearful of riding that I struggled to overcome my fear to even get on my horse, let alone ride.  I tried to work through it on my own, but I was unsuccessful.   It really was a source of sadness, because horses are my greatest passion.  I heard about Nathan’s program and decided to try it.  I was hopeful that it would work and it did!   It is such a blessing to ride again without fear.  The techniques that he taught me helped not only in overcoming my fear of riding but also helped with my anxiety which I have struggled with for most of my life.  God works through the people that He sends into our lives.  Nathan is one of those people.  I highly recommend the Confident Equestrian Program! Thank you!” 

– Laura Ball

This program is an investment in you!

My job is to help you to do the heavy lifting; to move those blocks that have kept you from your freedom in riding.

Together We’ll Re-enliven

Your connection to your horse
Your self-confidence
Your identity as a rider
The reasons you love riding
Your freedom

Together, I’ll teach you how to

Re-word the narrative in your own mind
Utilize past successes and create momentum
Re-direct fear and stress into beneficial qualities

You'll also, relinguish

Fear and doubt
Anxiety and stress
Shame and regret

“You are more than the stories you tell yourself or the hurtful words spoken.” 


How is all this possible?

I have put in thousands of hours working one-on-one with hundreds of clients… for years!

Plus, being a brain and neuroscience geek, I’ve learned that there are specific ways your brain processes and associates fear. Therefore, the techniques that I use have been battle tested and applied to overcoming fear and anxiety time and time again.

Here’s what I want you to get…. You are not broken! 

You might feel that way, and perhaps you have a bunch of stories and examples of why you believe you are, but it’s simply not the truth!

In actuality your brain is doing everything it possibly can to keep you alive and safe.  For example; if the best way your brain can guarantee you’ll never fall or have an accident again is to not get back on the horse, then that’s the brains first go to.

However, not riding also steals your joy, sense of freedom, connection to your horse, and even part of your identity…

To my clients, this isn’t an option!

Riding is part of who you are, it’s a love language, it’s a part of this crazy world that just makes sense.

The good news is that I’ve coached numerous clients to take back control of their riding life and find joy again!

The best news is we do it together, and I’ll walk you step by step through the process.

Each coaching session, technique, and exercise is designed around your specific issues and to re-train your brain in how it thinks about riding.

In essence, you’ll learn how to best use how you think to create your own personal riding strategies and mindset.

Let me be clear this type of personalized coaching is not for everyone.

This program is NOT

Self Help...

If it was, or if that worked, then you would have already fixed the issues and been riding again.

Static Follow Along Video...

This is one on one coaching! So many online self study programs treat you as a “one size fits all” type of person. The reality is that you and what you are going through is unique to you. I mean really, do you really need another one of those programs that tries to treat you like everyone else?


This is real work, it takes commitment, practice, and a willingness to take on doing and thinking different then you’ve done so before.

Sounds a bit different doesn’t it?...
That’s because it is!

You are an individual, with your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences and you deserve to be coached as such.

Part of the reason my clients get such great results so quickly is because there’s no generic fluff or filler.

Your program is your program.

This is also why the amount of people I’m able to work with is limited per month.  This way you and I have a strategy call first to make sure we are a good fit to work together.

It’s a simple 15 to 30 minute phone call to go over what you want to work on and the best way forward.

Fill out the information below, set your time and date and I look forward to meeting with you soon!

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